A small gesture for a big problem

Whether it’s a passing fad or not, we don’t care.

One of the biggest goals that MICRO s.r.l. had set itself for 2019 (and for all the years to come) it was to completely eliminate any disposable plastic object from the office environment. And now we can proudly say that we have succeeded.

First, the use of plastic water bottles was banned. Indeed MICRO s.r.l. now buys water only in glass bottles, used by employees to fill their personal metal thermoses.

In addition, MICRO s.r.l has worked to eliminate glasses, coffee cups and plastic stirrers for the consumption of any kind of drink, replacing them with ceramic teacups and cups, glasses and washable and reusable metal teaspoons.

Finally, thanks are due to the whole MICRO family, which has made proactive efforts to achieve this important result. #plasticfree