MICRO s.r.l. for 20 years, it has been carrying out only microbiological analysis in particular:

  1. ISO methods;
  2. Pharmacopoeia methods c.e.;
  3. Client methods;
  4. Stability test in a climate chamber for Zone II (25°C – 60% U.R.) and for Zone IVB (30°C – 75% U.R.)
  5. Challenge Test on raw materials or finished products;
  6. Sterility Test;
  7. Flow cytometry analysis
  8. Genetic identification

in various product sectors, such as food, nutraceutical, supplements and cosmetics.

In particular, the MICRO technicians have considerable experience and have developed a very efficient internal proprietary method for counting (total and differentiated) lactic bacteria and high concentration bifidobacteria, usually used in the preparation of supplements.

Our motto: “Beyond analysis“. This is our core skill, because MICRO s.r.l. bases its roots and its inspiration in continually turning great attention to the development of new methods and new culture media to increasingly improve the performances and the repeatability of the analysis.

MICRO s.r.l. is the fil rouge that links people, work and research.

“Efficiency is doing things right;
effectiveness is doing the right things.”

Peter Ferdinand Drucker