MICRO s.r.l.. is a laboratory highly specialized in the microbiological analysis of different matrices in multiple product sectors and, for 20 years, not only performs analysis, but is also proactive towards its customers through suggestions and, in some cases, actual advice, thus providing complete and continuous assistance.

The Team of people of MICRO s.r.l. is extremely prepared and perfectly able to evaluate the type of most suitable analysis for the client’s requests, whether they are designated to the evaluation of purity or the genuine bacterial count of the different products sent to the laboratory; in fact, our Team undergoes a monthly “proficiency test“, in order to guarantee the highest quality to its customers.

The Team is led by dr. Franco Pirovano, who founded the company and has 40 years of experience in both the food and nutraceutical sectors and in supplements containing lactic acid bacteria and bifidobacteria and yeasts one.


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20 years
of professionalism

MICRO s.r.l. is synonymous for seriousness, competence and flexibility, but also for confidentiality and responsiveness, since it sees its number one priority in customer satisfaction.

and advanced

Thanks to the numerous contacts both with top companies – national and international primary – and with the academic-university world, MICRO s.r.l. remains constantly updated in relation to both the needs of companies and the latest technologies and innovative methods of microbiological analysis.

An interdisciplinary

Our Team guarantees a 360° approach to the analysis, both as regards the correct choice of approach methods and the interpretation of the results obtained, involving its customers in every step through specific advice and consultancy.

A job, a passion…
Beyond analysis